I don’t know why artistes hate me – King Michael after Sheebah announces same concert dates

July 7, 2023

King Michael

Singer King Michael is looking for answers on why he is hated by some musicians in the Ugandan music industry.

He said he doesn’t understand why someone like Sheebah would stage a concert on the same date as his yet he has never done anything wrong to her.

King Michael started announcing his concert so many months ago. He said 2023 September 15th he is going to have the 20 years of King Michael concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

But after badly commenting about the Federation that Sheebah is a deputy president, she immediately announced that she will have her festival on that same date.

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Sheebah is one of the best musicians in Uganda and she has so many fans. Unlike King Michael who hasn’t released a song in a while.

Even the last concert he organized in 2019 terribly flopped but still he hasn’t given up. He is ready to test his fans royalty again.

According to King Michael, be has been so good to fellow musician and he doesn’t understand why they would want him down.

He said he has never organized any concert on the same date as another artistes and he expected the same.

“I don’t know why artistes hate me yet I have never done anything wrong to them. Sheebah put her concert on the same date as mine yet I announced mine first. I don’t understand why she did this to me because it is not good at all,” King Michael said