I am not heartless – MC Kats denies infecting Faith with HIV

May 23, 2023

Legendary and celebrated Mcee Katamba Edwin also known as MC Kats has denied infecting ex side chic Faith with HIV.

He said he is not that heartless to ruin someone’s life although his was ruined by a person he doesn’t know.

Faith is the one that exposed her relationship with MC Kats to the public. People didn’t know anything about it but she went beyond to show everyone that they have been sleeping together.

Now that she looks to be very sick in a worrying stage, people think it’s HIV that is disturbing her. Since she posted a video of herself in bed with Kats all fingers were pointing at him.

According to MC Kats, it is true they were having an affair but they used protection all the time.

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First he didn’t want to infect her and secondary he didn’t want to have more children because he was having a hard time with baby mama Fille.

By the time it happened, he had revealed his HIV status to the public and Faith knew everything about it.

MC Kats said Faith is just depressed and struggling with drugs. She wanted to have a relationship with him but when he refused, she didn’t take it well

“ I am not heartless, I do use protection, that is why my last born is 8 years. I would have many children but I use protection,” MC Kats said