I am a single mother – Karole Kasita opens up about her son’s father

May 23, 2023

Singer Karole Kasita has finally opened up about the father of her first born child son known as Kingston.

She said she is a single mother because she is not dating at the moment. But the father of the son is loving and caring.

Karole Kasita welcomed her child early this year. Throughout her pregnancy all the fingers were pointing at fellow singer Feffe Bussi as the father of the child.

All this happened because by the time Karole Kasita got pregnant, she was rumored to be in love with Feffe according to the audios that made rounds on social media.

Since Karole Kasita gave birth, she has been avoiding talking about the father of her child. At one point she said her son is not up for discussion and she wants the media to respect that.

Yesterday, Karole Kasita went on her social media platforms and revealed that she is a single mother.

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She went ahead to explain the statement saying a single mother doesn’t mean the baby daddy is not responsible.

According to Karole Kasita, her son has the most responsible and loving father. She doesn’t want her fans to twist the situation around.

“Just a humble reminder ba dear. Don’t get it twisted. My son has a responsible and loving father. Am just SINGLE. Pdt. Goodnyt fam!,” Karole Kasita