How Rema Humiliated Chris Evans And Refused To Sing ‘Linda’ Song After He Mentioned Kenzo’s Name – WATCH VIDEO

February 15, 2020

Rehema Namakula alias Rema last night humiliated as she tried to drag Chris Evans off stage after he mentioned Kenzo’s name as they sang ‘Linda’ song.

As soon as Chris Evans mentioned Kenzo’s name, Rema interrupted the song and warned Evans she was going to chase him off stage.

When Evans mentioned the name again, she pulled him towards the exit ladders but Evens overpowered her and returned.

To teach him a lesson, she refused to sing and a humiliated Evans was left to sing the song alone.

But our observation, Rema must have angered Chris Evans when she mentioned about how he was hit with the hammer as she invited him to the stage.

It was pay back time.

Watch video below: