Angry And Controlling Rema Chases Journalists off Hubby, Dr Hamza Sebunya – WATCH VIDEO

February 15, 2020

Rehema Namakula is so controlling and doesn’t want her hubby, Dr. Hamza Sebunya to speak to the media.

Last night during her show at Hotel Africana, Rema interrupted journalists as they interviewed hubby, Dr. Hamza Sebunya and asked them to stop.

After the show, journalists seized an opportunity to interview Dr. Hamza Sebunya who was heavily guarded in the VIP, But before they could ask the most important questions, Rema happened.

Looking angry, she asked the journalists to leave the hubby alone, insisting he had to go home.

“He has to go, thank you, please leave him, leave him, in good heart”, Rema said as she chased away the journalists.

Watch the video below: