How Ashburg Katto Refused Don Bahati’s Money To Feed Bloggers And Decided To Pick Balaam’s Posho – LISTEN TO AUDIO

May 23, 2020

New NRM recruit, Ashburg Katto aka Cattle had made his mind to cross from People Power to NRM longtime ago!

In an audio sent by South African-based Ugandan ‘Sangoma’, Don Bahati Lubega, Ashburg deliberately refused to pick money he had sent to buy bloggers food and decided to pick posho donated by Balaam and friends of Muhoozi Keinerugaba.

After learning that Ashburg had arranged with Balaam to receive posho on behalf of the bloggers, Don Bahati contacted Asburg and to told him not to accept the donation.



Don Bahati Lubega

Bahati asked Ashburg to pick 2m from a certain mobile money which he didn’t do, yet he had told the South African-based ‘Sangoma’ that his effort was much welcome.

Listen to audio below:


After receiving food, the following week Ashburg and his brother Ray Supasta were paraded as NRM new recruits after their picture with president Museveni leaked online.

Ashburg’s move was condemned by People Power diehards and branded him a traitor. They have embarked on the campaign to unfollow him from social media.