Herbert Shonga Shames Divorced Wife Dorothy, Claims He Injected In $250,000 For Her Plastic Surgery – WATCH VIDEO

February 29, 2020

On Thursday, Dorothy and Herbert Habib Shonga ended their 15 years of marriage with legal divorce.

In February 2019, Dorothy served Herbert divorce papers accusing him of infidelity disclosing that for 15 years she saw him sleeping with maids and thought he would change but in vain.

He also accuse Herbert of not looking after kids claiming she was the man in the marriage.

Herbert Shonga and Dorothy with kids

However, Herbert has trashed her claims saying Dotothy is an attention seeker and likes public sympathy.

He said that he maned to splash $250,000 (Approximately 100m) on her to do plastic surgery in South Africa and wondered how he can fail to pay school fees.

All the accusations that Dorothy made about me of failing to provide and pay school fees for my children are false. She is just an attention seeker and a person who loves to get sympath from the public that’s why she had to tell the nation as crap.

By the way, school fees is so small and for your information, I injected UGX 100m in her body to perform a plastic surgery in South Africa. So I can’t fail to pay just $500 for school fees.

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