Clever J Accuses SB4 Media Of Sabotaging His Collabo With Jose Chameleone – WATCH VIDEO

February 29, 2020

Singer Gerald Muwonge popularly known as Clever J has been in the news more than any other Ugandan artiste since he was exposed by SB4 media after 10 years off the music scene.

After bringing him back on the scene, Clever J betrayed SB4 Media and sacked him before appointing ‘Munamasaka’ as his new manager.

As if that was not enough, Clever J also demanded that SB4 media pay him some part of the money he earned from his interviews on YouTube.

Day by day their feud is escalating and now the ‘Manzi Wa Nani’ singer accuses SB4 Media of sabotaging his collabo with Jose Chameeone.

SB4 Media

At the begining of this month, Jose Chameleone met Clever J for the first time in 10 years when he surprised the ‘Ensi Yaleta’ hitmaker by tipping him while performing at Comedy Store.

After that day, SB4 Media intervened and brought the pair face to face and pleaded with Chameleone to give Clever J a collabo.

Since that day, the collabo has not materialized and Clever J now accuses SB4 media of sabotaging it, claiming that what he is telling the media has left him no choice only to be crucified.

But it should be remembered that Clever J could have sabotaged himself after Radio Simba called him and stressed out how he does not need a collabo with Chameleone but rather wants a music battle.

Watch the video below: