Hellen Lukoma unbothered by negative comments about her dress code

July 24, 2023
Hellen Lukoma with hubby, Anwar Kaka

Hellen Lukoma with hubby, Anwar Kaka

Singer and actress Hellen Lukoma has revealed that she doesn’t care about what people say when it comes to how she dresses.

She said once her husband is okay with what she puts on, other people’s comments don’t matter to her.

Hellen Lukoma is a married woman and a mother to two amazing sons. She got married in 2019 and in just a period of two years, she had already had two children.

Despite being a mother and a wife, that didn’t change on how she dresses while in public.

She kept putting on her outfits that she used to dress in while she was still single.

According to Hellen Lukoma, dressing is part of her life as a celebrity. She has always wanted to be unique and the best thing is that she actually found a man who supports her.

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She grew up with parents who were very supportive and she prayed for a man who will support her as much as her parents did.

Now that she got that supportive husband, she said she will forever dress like she wants, people can comment but they can’t change anything.

“I want to let the public know that I will never change my dress code just for them. If my husband likes it like hr always does, I am forever going to dress like I want,” Hellen Lukoma said