Jackie Chandiru Reveals What A Man Needs To Do First Before Getting Into Her Pants

March 22, 2024
Jackie Chandiru and Arrow Bwoy

Jackie Chandiru and Arrow Bwoy

Legendary singer a former Blu3 member Jackie Chandiru has revealed what a man needs to do first before getting into her pants.

She said one has to play with her mind first and sees if she is easy to be managed by that exact person.

Jackie Chandiru has been in the music industry for so long but has never talked about her relationship with everyone.

But when she was going through hard times it was said that it is her boyfriend who helped her get to Nairobi Kenya.

She has however never spoken about it. She never says she is single or searching or even in a relationship with anyone.

According to Jackie Chandiru, it is not easy to be in a relationship but she would want a man who is good at reading minds.

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She said an intelligent man is everything she would want in her life and that is something she really considers.

“Before you get to my pants, you have to play with my minds first,” – Jackie Chandiru opens up