He is an upcoming artiste – Vyper Ranking refuses to comment on Cosign Yenze

March 4, 2023

Dancehall artiste Vyper Ranking is taking the beef with fellow singer Cosign Yenze on another level as refuses to comment about him.

He said Cosign Yenze is an upcoming artiste and he doesn’t want to give him a platform especially in the media by responding to him.

Vyper Ranking and Cosign Yenze’s beef started days ago on social media. It all started when Vyper tweeted saying a part from him, A Pass and Josh Baraka other artistes are busy singing rubbish.

Cosign Yenze was quick to reply him saying he is among the people that sing rubbish too because he doesn’t have a hit single song. All he has are collaborations with other artistes.

It looks like Vyper Ranking took it personal and at the moment, he doesn’t want to talk or hear anything about Cosign Yenze.

According to Vyper, Cosign is among the faded artistes in Uganda and on top of that he is also among the upcoming that are looking for attention.

As an established artiste, Vyper said he is not going to talk about Cosign and he will see what is going to happen to him.

“I don’t want to comment about Cosign Yenze because he is an upcoming artiste he needs attention. He wants to use me to promote him but i am not ready. Let him keep singing his rubbish we shall see where it will put him,” Vyper Ranking said