Pastor Bugingo dares Bobi Wine to condenm homesexuality like he does on kidnapping

March 3, 2023

Pastor Bujjingo Aloysious of House of Prayer Ministries International has called out politician and musician Bobi Wine to condenm homesexuality like he does on kidnapping.

In Uganda, homesexuality has been on an increase especially in school going children and those being taken abroad for jobs.

People have been complaining about it something that prompted President Museveni to assure Ugandans that he will not allow it in the country as an African man.

So many big people especially those in politics like the Speaker, deputy speaker and some members of Parliament have come out to condenm it.

But National Unity Platform (NUP) president Bobi Wine hasn’t said anything about homesexuality yet he is always vocal on things that affect the country.

As a religious leader, Pastor Bugingo dared Bobi Wine to Condenm homesexuality like his fellow leaders.

He said if other politicians have been able to talk about it and condenm it, he should also do the same for his supporters.

“President Museveni, the speaker of Parliament, religious leaders have come out to condenm homesexuality but I have not heard Bobi Wine say anything. He is always comdenming other acts I expect him to condenm this too,” Pastor Bugingo said.

It should be noted that Pastor Bugingo is a big supporter of the ruling party NRM and it’s president H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.