Harmonize Ex-Wife, Michelloti Drags Him To Court, Demands Property

September 28, 2022
Harmonize and Sarah

Harmonize and Sarah

Harmonize is in trouble! Sarah Michelotti has dragged former husband and Tanzanian singer, Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize to court demanding half of his properties.

Harmonize wedded Sarah Michelotti in September 2019 in a Muslim wedding of only 100 guests that was held at Serena Hotel in Dar-es-salaam.

Harmonize with ex-wife, Sarah Michelotti at their wedding

All was rosy until April 2020 when Michelotti accused Harmonize of encroaching on video vixen, Nicole Joyce Berry, who he featured in ‘Bedroom’ video.

Michelotti and Konde Boy unfollowed each other, fueling the speculations that they had called it quits.

Towards the end of April, Sarah unblocked Harmonize, took to her Instagram account and professed her undying love for him.

In the caption, the beauty described the singer in the sweetest words saying he was very “expensive” to her. “The most expensive husband of my love. Always on point baby,” she captioned.

Seven months of trying to to make the relationship work in vain, Michelotti finally threw in a towel and returned to Italy in December 2020.

The Italian woman in a lengthy Instagram post, revealed that she loved Harmonize so much but he wasn’t proud of her.

Harmonize and Sarah

The furious Sarah claimed the ‘Aiyola’ hit singer never respected her and was a serial liar.

Since she left Harmonize dated Tanzanian actress, Kajala Masanja, broke up with her, dated Australian bae, Brianna and he is now back to Kajala.

This month, Sarah Mitchelotti returned back to Tanzania for vacation in Zanzibar with some of her family members. She is using her vacation to battle Harmonize in court.

Rumor has it that she is asking for half of Harmonize’s wealth….which apparently rightfully belongs to her.

Sarah Michelloti at court with some of her family members

Sarah Demands her property back:

The only mistake Sarah Michelotti made was putting the properties in Harmonize’s name. By that time she was blinded by love.

However, Michelloti happens to have the transactions on record.

This case is strong and Kinde Boy needs to get himself a good lawyer if his to battle the Italians.

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