Hanson Baliruno Threatens To Finish Off Bukedde TV’s Nankya Jommie | SHOCKING AUDIO

September 11, 2021
Hanson Bliruno and Nankya Jommie

Hanson Bliruno and Nankya Jommie

Singer, Hanson Baliruno has vowed to end the life of Bukedde TV ‘Muziki Ku Luguudo’ presenter, Nankya Jommie for taking ill against him.

In a recorded audio, Hanson Baliruno can be overheard threatening that he will do whatever in his means to destroy Nankya’s face with acid.

Hanson Baliruno

Baliruno accuses Nankya of abusing him on TV and questioned if she has kids and family. Nankya responded and asked Baliruno to tell her what she said that offended him.

Unruly Baliruno threatened to crush her face and asked Nankya to direct him where she stays. He cautioned Nankya to stop kamanyiro’, saying he is willing to sell his plot at 50m, hunt her down and pour acid on her face.

In defense, Nankya told Baliruno that she doesn’t abuse people and clarified that she only said that she is not fun of his music.

Nankya Jommie

Listen to audio:


Most artistes have found themselves at loggerheads with media personalities and DJ’s over disrespect.

In 2014, Eddy Kenzo publicly thumped Dembe FM gossip king, Isaac Katende aka Kasuku for talking ill against him. Kasuku made claims that Kenzo paid off some media houses and DJ’s to stop playing Big Eye’s music.

Recently, OS Ssuna revealed that he dragged NBS TV and some of its presenters and panelists to court for defamation.

In 2017, the late Mowzey Radio threw Moses Lubega’s laptop in a swimming pool during the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s vigil in Muyenga.

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