OS Suuna Accuses Radio And Weasel Of Jealous, Sabotage

September 12, 2021
OS Suuna

OS Suuna

Omulangira Suuna aka OS Suuna is accusing the late Mowzey Radio and his Good Lyfe partner, Douglas Seguya aka Weasel Manizo of jealous and sabotage.

Os Suuna says he is still hurt by how he elevated Radio and Weasel only for them to turn against him.

He claims that when the Nigerian duo, P-Square came to Uganda to perform in 2007, they instantly liked the song ‘Nakudatta’ that he produced and sang with Radio and Weasel.

When P-Square returned after a few years, they considered remixing ‘Nakudatta’ but neither the late Mowzey Radio nor Weasel considered hitting him up or sending someone to look for him, yet he produced the song and it helped them in their breakthrough.

Good Lyfe; Mowzey Radio and Weasel Manizo

After producing Nakudatta that gave Radio and Weasel their breakthrough, P Square liked and praised it. The second time they returned, they wanted to remix the song. Neither Radio, nor Weasel bothered to mention my name yet I produced it. They did not want me to meet the boys.

OS Suuna.

Suuna revealed that Nakudatta is his song and for that fact he is the one with Pearl of Africa music award (PAM Award) won in 2008 for song of the year.

It should be noted that OS Suuna fell out with the late Mowzey Radio and Weasel Manizo after they launched their maiden album with the same title and snubbed him.

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