Grenade made a wrong choice to leave Jeff Kiwa – DJ Roja

March 10, 2023

NBS After5 Dejaay Roger has revealed that singer Grenade Official real name Deus Ndugwa made a very wrong choice to leave Jeff Kiwa.

Grenade has been working with Jeff Kiwa for a few months but those months have been so impactful to him as they have given him hit songs he didn’t have before.

Before getting signed on to TNS, Grenade Official was very struggling moving in sugar mummies to get someone to fund him.

He had spent so many years without without good music but always in the media for matters concerning women.

Yesterday, the rumor started making rounds on social media that Grenade Official has parted ways with Jeff Kiwa.

DJ Roja wasn’t happy about it saying Grenade should have known better because Jeff Kiwa got him from a very far place musically.

He said if the rumor is true, the future of Grenade in the music industry ha been left hanging and it might be their for a long time because finding a manager like Jeff Kiwa is very different.

“I don’t understand what is wrong with artistes. Now if it is true that Grenade Official has parted ways with Jeff Kiwa I don’t know where his future in the music industry is hanging. At the moment I think Grenade didn’t think through and this might be the mistake he will regret later,” DJ Roja said.