Gravity Omutujju vulgarizes Kapa Cat (Video)

May 24, 2023

Singer Gravity Omutujju doesn’t take any insults lightly. This was proved by the way he responded to fellow singer Kapa Cat.

Gravity Omutujju vulgarized her live on camera saying she looks like the ‘V’ word.

The way started yesterday when Kapa Cat called out Gravity Omutujju for begging a collaboration from her and later on saying she is not talented.

Gravity Omutujju compared Kapa Cat with one of her enemies Martha Mukisa saying Martha is more talented and Kapa might be jealousy of her.

Songstress Kapa addressed Gravity Omutujju, called him a basket and he wasn’t ready to take in anything.

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Gravity Omutujju responded to Know Cat saying she looks like the female private parts. He said if she is not careful she might get exposed anytime soon.

Here is the video;