Anne Kansiime on why Ugandan female musicians are not giving birth

May 24, 2023

Reknown comedian and business woman Anne Kansiime has revealed reasons why Ugandan female musicians are failing to give birth.

She said it is because of poverty, they are not capable of looking after the children and giving them the life they need.

In Uganda, a few female musicians especially those on top of their game have given birth. They fear to slow down the hustle with the children involved.

The only thing they do is to let go of the giving birth and focus on making money which shouldn’t have been the case.

According to Anne Kansiime, people are always asking why female musicians don’t want to give birth and they are never getting answers.

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But the bitter truth is that once they give birth, they can even lack what to feed them. Because the only way a Ugandan musician makes money is by performing.

And with the pregnancy and a child, performance may not be easy hence not making money to let them survive.

“You people keep asking female musicians why they don’t give birth, how will they give birth when they don’t have money? The only time musicians get money is when they are on stage,” – Kansiime Anne / Entertainer

As a person involved in the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) Anne Kansiime said she is going to fight for the rights of female musicians so that they earn money from their music without performing.