Gravity Omutujju denies beating Frank Ntambi, brands him a liar

August 3, 2023

Singer Gravity Omutujju has denied beating journalist Frank Ntambi. He said he is a liar trying to get famous through him.

Frank Ntambi came out and revealed that singer Gravity Omutujju beat him up and also left his face with some wounds.

He has been walking with a bandage on his face although it doesn’t appear like it is affected because he is moving on different media houses and acting normally.

As Gravity Omutujju was addressing the media, he said people look at him as a bad person yet they are the ones that usually disturb him

He said Frank Ntambi has been saying he beats up his wife yet he has never done that. The statement he made about beating her was a joke and he aplogized for it.

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According to Gravity, he didn’t beat Frank Ntambi but if he continues to talk about his wife he will beat him up and the whole world will know about it.

“Leave my family alone. You went around telling people that I beat you up yet I didn’t. I want you to bring proof that I did anything like that” – Gravity Omutujju warns Frank Ntambi against spreading false rumours about his wife

He went ahead and dared Frank Ntambi to remove the bandage on his face and show Ugandans how he was beaten.