GO AND HANG! Rema Insists She Will Not Apologise To Chris Evans – WATCH VIDEO

February 20, 2020

Rema with Chris Evans on stage at Hotel Africana

Singer Rema Namakula has said that she will not be apologizing to  Chris Evans because she believes that she didn’t do anything wrong.

At the beginning of this week, Chris Evans issued 5-day ultimatum to Rema to aplogise for embarassing him at Hotel Africana.

While performing their duo “Linda” on stage during Rema’s show on Valentine’s day, Chris Evans joked by carrying Kenzo’s name in the song lyrics, something that appeared to have annoyed Rema who acted impulsively by trying to force him off stage.

Speaking to NBS UNCUT however, Namakula said that she wouldn’t be apologizing anytime soon.

Rema said that she takes Evans as a brother with whom they joke a lot together.

“We joke a lot with Evans. Go and re-watch our videos together. I take him as a brother and I know he was not embarrassed. That is all joking. I have no reason to apologize because I didn’t do anything,” Rema said.

Namakula added that she had to rush and change for her next performance and that is why she left Evans on stage.

Watch the video below: