EXCLUSIVE: Pallaso Was Attacked In South Africa Because Of A Woman – WATCH VIDEO

February 20, 2020

Ugandans woke up in shock after Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso posted unclear video claiming he was attacked in Xenophobia protests in South Africa.

Pallaso says he went with a friend to a certain place and landed in Xenophobia protesters armed with sticks and machetes, damaging their car, beating them up before escaping with nasty cuts.

But that was not the real story, Pallaso was beaten with because of a woman.

The Real Story:

It’s no secret that there is racism in South Africa.

Eye witnesses say Pallaso went to ‘coloureds’ people’s bar and started vibing a married woman. This angered the ‘coloureds’ seeing a black man getting close to their own.

They started a war, Pallaso and the driver wanted to run away but the moment they sat in a car, the coloreds surrounded the car and damaged it.

Pallaso and the driver escaped with little cuts.

Click on the link below to watch video: