Gen. Kasirye Gwanga Claims He Went To Heaven, Reveals What He Saw – WATCH VIDEO

April 4, 2020

Controversial decorated Maj. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga claims he went to heaven and came back on earth.

While appearing in an interview chart with Ibrah Mukasa of Wolokoso Extra, Gen. Kasirye revealed that he is lucky to be alive after surviving bullets.

He revealed that during the war that brought NRA into power, he was shot and a bullet fragment went onto his heart which sent him into coma for five days.

Gen. Kasirye says while in ICU at a life supporting machine, he went into haven and but a certain man chased him.

“It’s as if i was in a dream, I saw billions of people quiet walking towards a big gate but behind there was fire as if a nuclear bomb. But you couldn’t feel the heat, as i tried to join the rest of the group, there was a man who brocked me”, Gen Kasirye narrated.

Kasirye says he thinks God was sending him back to earth. He says in heaven you can’t claim to be an army man.

Watch the video below: