Gabie Ntaate opens up about marriage and how she was raised

December 7, 2023
Gabie Ntaate gets married

Gabie Ntaate gets married

Gospel singer and former media personality Gabie Ntaate has opened up about her marriage and how she was raised.

Having worked on television, Gabie Ntaate looked not to be very religious. By then she was taking alcohol and living a worldly life.

But she started singing gospel music and eventually decided to to leave the media to focus on her talent and career.

She has been receiving so much support from her fans and close people to her and that has pushed her to keep moving forward and achieving hee dreams.

Despite being a celebrity, there is always a life that so many people don’t get to understand about. She was also once an ordinary person without being known by anyone.

According to Gabie Ntaate, she at one point refused to listen to her parents and started doing things that she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

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That included clubbing and drinking alcohol which she doesn’t regret at this point. She believes that was part of her life that she had to go through to learn.

“Growing up, I was raised by a Christian family, but I strayed and started going to bars and indulging in worldly activities until I gave my life to Christ. So far, I have no regrets, and people’s perceptions of me have changed,” –Gabie Ntaate, Gospel Singer

She also talked about marriage saying people shouldn’t ask her about her man after all the men is here and she doesn’t thibk other people need to know him.