Full Figure Urges Electoral commission To Cancel 2021 General Elections, Gives Reasons

April 5, 2020

NRM mobiliser, Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure has urged the Electoral Commission to cancel the upcoming 2021 general elections.

Full Figure does not see the importance of going ahead and staging the 2021 general elections following the COVID-19 outbreak. She urges the Electoral Commission to cancel them and divert funds towards construction of hospitals.

The Singer-cum-Politician shared her insight through her Facebook page where she posted a screenshot of one of her fans who mocked People Power fans saying that they won’t have what to say after Museveni defeats COVID-19.

Full Figure added her voice to the above statements saying that she also does not see the importance of organizing the 2021 presidential elections since President Museveni has already won.

President Museveni was anointed by God this boy is very right am even planning to address my concern to the Electro commission and Parliament okulonda kwa 2021 kusazibwe mu muzei yawangula da sente tuzizimbe mu amalwaliro aga Covid-19 government egulire abantu baffe emeere endala.