HE ATE AND WANTS MORE! Full Figure Exposes Bajjo As A lier, Displays Love Messages He Sends To Her – WATCH VIDEO

April 5, 2020

Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure and events promoter, Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo have been exchanging hot words in media over alleged lover affair that went wrong.

While appearing in an interview on Dembe FM, Full Figure shocked the nation when she revealed that Bajjo fathered a kid with her and neglected his responsibilities which forced her to dump him.

She also said that Bajjo snores and sexually weak in bed.

SEE LOVE: Bajjo checking on Full Figure on a hospital bed

Bajjo responded by serving her with notice of intention to sue where his lawyers demanded she restrain from making any defamatory statements about Bajjo and pay 50m for damaging their client’s image and also pay a further 20m for legal fees within 7 days.

But Full Figure exposed Bajjo in an interview with SB4 media, where she showed him a WhatsApp message from Bajjo referring to her as Sweet ‘kamonde’, Sweet Potato and begging her to give him some.

She also insisted that Bajjo is a joke, arguing that issues of family are solved in family not court.

Watch video below: