Forget about Eddy Kenzo and Cindy, King Saha declares himself the president of all Ugandan musicians

August 9, 2023

Singer King Saha real name Semanda Mansour has declared himself the president of all musicians in Uganda.

King Saha contested as the president in the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) but the voting wasn’t conducted due to lack of money.

During that time of election preparation,he was already having some issues with the current UMA president Cinderella Sanyu Okuyo.

But later when elections failed King Saha accepted the reality and he stepped back to focus on his music career leaving politics aside.

There has been the Eddy Kenzo federation trending and King Saha has been commenting about it saying his friends are complaining to him that they don’t like it.

He said he doesn’t want to join the federation at any point because it is very political.

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In his recent interview, King Saha told the media that he is the president of all musicians in Uganda. He said no one has had responsbilties like him.

On top of that King Saha revealed that he is among the musicians that don’t fall on any political side. He said he is on the side of people and he believes people are also on his side.

“I am the president of all musicians. I don’t need to be elected after all I know people want someone like me and I am here for them,” – King Saha