Chozen Blood aplologizes to Winnie Nwagi live on camera, begs her love again (Video)

August 9, 2023

Singer Chozen Blood has apologized to his best friend Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi. He said he would like to be friends with her again.

Winnie Nwagi and Chozen Blood have been best friends for some time. The media has always accused them of being in love although they have denied it multiple times.

Chozen Blood said Winnie Nwagi is good looking but he only wants to be her friend with nothing connected to them as intimate lovers.

Ever since Chozen Blood was threatened by some man alleged to be Winnie Nwagi’s boyfriend, their friendship hasn’t been so good.

Chozen Blood said he is really missing Winnie Nwagi, he wants them to have their friendship again and hangout like they used to do.

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The singer asked Winnie Nwagi to forgive him from the bottom of her heart. The thing that bridged a gap between them will never be done again.

“I and Winnie Nwagi are not on good talking terms at this moment. I miss her so much I miss the time we used to hangout out together. I want her to forgive me I am very sorry for what happened between us. I promise not to do that thing that brought the problem between us again. I hope she forgives me and we get back where we were some time back,” Chozen Blood said.

Here is the video;