Evangelist Morris Katende Drags Dr. T Amale To Court

November 17, 2022
Dr. T Amale

Dr. T Amale

Rumour reaching us indicates that comedian, Kafeero Tobby Innocent aka Dr. T Amale has been arrested by Evangelist Morris Katende and taken to Kira Road Police Station over defamation.

This comes days after Evangelist Morris Katende through his lawyers issued Notice of Intention to Sue to the Tamale Mirundi mimic – comedian.

Dr T Amale

In the Notice of Intention to Sue, lawyers say Dr. T Amale recorded a video and branded Katende a fraudster, a thief, a magician who preaches the gospel under the influence of ancestral evil spirits, a street beggar who disguises in evangelism to ask for alms from the public, who has no church, among other defamatory titles and epithets.

The lawyers demanded;

-He pulls down the defamatory video from his Volongoto Facebook page.

-Erase the video else where he posted it including YouTube.

-Apologise to Katende on the same page for defamatory statements.

-The apology to stays for seven days on that page and he should not post anything else.
-Send a hard copy apology to Katende promising not to defame him again.

It seems Dr T. ignored all these which landed him in big trouble.

It should be noted that Dr T Amale was one of the people who were much pleased with this Law when it was passed by the Parliament.

He hoped that it will get many NUP members arrested and jailed in Luzira.

To many people’s surprise, he is going to go down in history as the first victim of the new Computer Misuse Act that he was so much in support of.

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