Bizonto Director, Omulangira Ndausi Officially Fires Comedian, Kafeero Toby aka Dr T Amale

April 24, 2020

Bizonto director, Omulangira Ndausi has confirmed that he has fired comedian, Kafeero Toby aka Dr T Amale from the group.

It all started when Dr T recorded a video attacking People power supremo, Bobi Wine and posted it on Bizonto Facebook page. This did not go well with the rest of the group members  who faced wrath from People Power diehards and demanded he apologises.


The Bizonto suspended Dr T and told him to apologise and refused. When pressure mounted on him, he decided to apologise but in a mocking way.

Bizonto director, Omulangira Ndausi sat with other members and decided to fire him.

Omulangira Ndausi

According to Ndausi, Dr T is a journeyman who can’t settle in one place. Ndausi revealed that he picked Dr T from ‘Boona Baseke’ and offered him a gig on Radio Simba. He later went to Salt FM and returned. After a short time, he told Ndausi he was done with radio and wanted to to do comedy.

To Nadusi, Dr T is finished and referred him as the late.

Dr T has launched new group, Black Pig movement.

Watch Nadusi confirming the firing of Dr T Amale