Alien Skin on why his lead bouncer Champion Gudo doesn’t go to school

June 7, 2023

Singer Alien Skin has revealed reasons why his lead bouncer known as Champion Gudo doesn’t go to school.

Champion Gudo is a very young boy who is supposed to be in his primary school level. He is averagely like 8-10 years.

But unfortunately he doesn’t school, he is always moving with singer Alien Skin everywhere he goes standing besides him and acting like his bouncer.

People been wondering why he is not at school because all other children have reported back to school. In all this fight going on, he has been seen with Alien Skin everywhere.

According to Alien Skin, no one should mind about Champion Gudo because he has everything he wants.

He would go to school to study and her job, make money. He is already making money and that means no reason for him to even go to school.

Alien Skin said Champion Gudo’s future is very sorted so Ugandans shouldn’t focus on him because he is not complaining and he is good where he is.

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“I don’t know why people are minding about Champion Gudo’s education. People go to school so that they get jobs and make money. Gudo is already making money, no need for him to even go to school. He is good and happy where he is at the moment,” Alien Skin revealed.

It should be noted that Alien Skin himself is a ghetto youth who didn’t go to school.