Disrespectful Herbert Shonga Labels Sasha Brighton A Bit**, Reveals A Day He Started Chewing Her – WATCH VIDEO

March 16, 2020

We can’t give you a guarantee that Herbert Shonga and singer Sasha Brighton will be together for a longtime!

Last month newly divorced Herbert Shonga confirmed he is planning to visit Sasha Brighton parents in Luweero but for the purpose of reducing the number of unmarried women in the country.

Yesterday, Sasha Brighton missed Herbert Shonga’s birthday which angered him and labelled him a ‘fuc*** bitch’.

A drunk-like Shonga also spilled bedroom secrets by revealing that he started bonking Sasha on August 3rd at Bebe Cool’s show.

Shonga was responding to allegations of Sasha being unfaithful by defending her that if she loves, she loves.

He also claims she didn’t love him for money and vows to pay anyone who will bring evidence showing that she is not faithful.

Watch the video below: