Struggling Big Eye Officially Jons Politics, To Contest For NRM Big Seat

March 16, 2020

Big Music CEO, Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye has joined politics and wants to contest for the National Chairperson NRM Youth League!

Big Eye who positioned himself as an NRM diehard, has suffered discrimination from the opposition with his sole job, singing hanging on the thread.

Every time he steps on stage to sing, People Power diehards pelt him with bottles. This has left him to perform only on NRM events.

Now with no job and no qualifications to compete for the professional job, Big Eye has joined the bandwagon into politics.

Today he took to his official Facebook page confirming his intentions to run for the big seat.

“All i can ask from you is your trust and support. Am ready to serve you the youth of Uganda. For God and my country🇺🇬“, Big Eye posted on Facebook.