Dianah Nabatanzi pregnant with first child

February 15, 2024
Dianah Nabatanzi

Dianah Nabatanzi

BBS Television presenter and actress Diana Nabatanzi is heavily pregnant expecting her first child.

A video was shared on social media platforms showing off her baby bump to the person that was recording.

This caught people unexpectedly because no one knows who Diana Nabatanzi is dating and what her love life is about.

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Dianah Nabatanzi is very secretive when it comes to her love life. She has dated someone for five years and no one got to know about it.

That person was Lwasa Emmanuel but he later came out and revealed it to the media that he was actually dating Dianah Nabatanzi.

She didn’t comment anything about it up to date. There are no photos and videos that indicate that these two were dating.

Lwasa had previously said he tried to get Dianah Nabatanzi pregnant but had failed. He said anyone that gets her pregnant will get a reward from him.

Just two years after their separation, Dianah Nabatanzi is heavily pregnant and no one even knows her man.

In the video she looked so happy and heavy like the way a pregnant woman is supposed to be like.