Diamond Platnumz Gives Advise To Bickering Harmonize And Rayvanny

April 24, 2021
Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Rayvanny (L-R

Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Rayvanny (L-R

Diamond Platnumz, WCB Wasafi CEO has for the first time addressed the beef between two of his top proteges Rayvanny and Harmonize.

Just to bring you up to speed, Harmonize ditched Diamond’s label WCB about a year ago and started his own camp, Konde Gang Worldwide. Well, following his exit, a lot happened including him getting a new lover named Kajala Masanja.

Harmonize with Kajala Masanja

On the other end, it was reported that Rayvanny had also found a new home in the heart of Kajala’s daughter Paula.

Rayvanny with Kajala Masanja’s daughter, Paula Kajala

In between, there were a number of issues that saw Harmonize and Rayvanny fight on social media, especially after Harmonize was accused of trying to sleep with Paula, who is his lover Kajala’s daughter. The confusion caused a melee online in a move that saw BASATA come in and warned all Tanzanian artistes against beefing with each other over trivial issues.

Following BASATA’s warning, Diamond recently thought it wise to advise the two musicians in an interview with his own station, Wasafi TV. The Waah hitmaker urged Harmonize and Rayvanny to fight, but with their music and projects and not issues to do with women. ”I think it is a passing cloud, as artistes we must pass through such but what I would like to tell the world is that it will get to a point they will ditch that. And for the two, I would be happy to see them compete and fight matters music, like who has many good collabos, who has many views and such, but not what we are seeing now. It hurts me when I hear them taking each other to the police because that is not what I taught them.” Diamond said.

Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize

He went on to advise the two artistes to use him and Ali Kiba as an example because they never crossed the line. According to Diamond, he competed with Ali Kiba musically and not through beefs and other issues. ”They should use me and Ali Kiba when we used to compete. We competed in matters work and music but not other silly issues. We never took each other to court.” he added.

The highlight of the beef between Rayvanny and Harmonize is when the former was earlier accused of trying to sleep with Paula who is alleged to be underage. During the scandal, Harmonize who was dating Paula’s mum came out and shunned Rayvanny in the most inhuman way. Rayvanny sailed through and put the issue behind him.


Rayvanny, however, came out to slam Harmonize when it emerged the Konde Gang CEO had tried to sleep with his then-lover, Kajala’s daughter, Paula. Just like the way Harmonize roasted him online when he was in trouble, is the same way he dragged the Kwangaru hitmaker on social media following his quandaries.

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