Diamond Platnumz Baby Mama, Tanasha Donna Converts To Islam

April 25, 2020

As Muslim faithful in the world welcome the Holy Month of Ramadan, Tanasha Donna has not been left behind in living according to the teachings of her newfound Islam faith.

On Friday, April 24, the mother of one confirmed she had converted to Islam and even attended the first Iftar.

Posting on his Instagram account, KTN’s Jamal Gaddafi shared a photo with Tanasha as they enjoyed their evening meal.

Gaddafi confirmed it was her first fast as a Muslim and asked God to answer her prayers as well as those of others who are fasting.

“First Iftar with Tanasha. May God bless you and accept your fast. By the way, her name is Aisha,” wrote the journalist.


The TV host also asked his fans to support the mother of one in her new journey as a Muslim. “Let us support her in her new journey,” pleaded Gaddafi.


News of Tanasha’s converting to Islam was first made public by Diamond’s sister, Esma Platinumz after fans accused them of forcing her to convert.

According to Esma, Tanasha did so willingly while she was still dating Diamond Platinumz and even chose the name, Aisha.

Recently the beauty queen threw shade at Diamond claiming he was pretending to empower women.

This was after the Wasafi boss started promoting music from his new signee, Zuchu.