Acram reportedly taken to police for chewing lady on credit

October 12, 2023
Acram Gumisiriza

Acram Gumisiriza

The late Sheikh Muzaata’s widow Kulthum’s current husband Akram Gumisiriza has reportedly been taken to police for chewing lady on credit.

The news started making rounds on social media saying that Akram has cheated on his dear wife.

According to one of the local television channels, Akram picked a lady on streets and took her to his home.

The two agreed on having a consensual affair but later the lady turned against Akram. She started asking some money from him that he didn’t have at that Time.

This unknown lady immediately went to police to report Akram for using her and bot paying her anything.

Akram also went to police to report the last for wanting to steal his car. But Police told them to sit down and agree on what to do as old people.

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It is said that the lady wanted more but unfortunately Akram wasn’t having that amount of money with him at the moment.

Despite wanting to hide it from his wife Kulthum, everything was recorded and someone posted the video on social media to expose him.

Watch video:

Akram and the lady are still agreeing on how to settle the issue as Kulthum is still quiet with nothing to say about the matter making rounds.

Akram has also been quiet on social media and nothing to say at the moment about the issue.

Here is the video;