Crysto Panda On Suicide Watch, Admits He Needs Help

August 22, 2022
Crysto Panda

Crysto Panda

NTV presenter and singer, Herbert Kityamuweesi aka Crysto Panda is on suicide watch after admitting that he is battling depression.

Panda staged a show at Hockey Grounds, Lugogo dubbed ‘Panda turn Up’ on August 13 and registered a massive flop over heavy rain.

The Kyoyina Omanya singer initiated activations for his show starting with Panda Turn Up school Tour 2022 which was aimed at mobilising students in schools to attend his show.

Crysto Panda

Unfortunately the show flopped following a heavy down pour on the D-day.

Since the show flopped, Panda has been in hiding. Due to brutal taunts and trolls, the singer decided to deactivate all his social media accounts.

According to an insider, trolls and taunts took toll on him.

Through his WhatsApp status, Panda revealed he is taking break from social media to focus on his mental health.

Getting off social media for some time. Been battling a lot and depressed a lot. I wanna focus on my mental health for sometime and recover but I will be back soon

Crysto Panda