Cindy reveals the advantages of her battle against Sheebah

December 8, 2023
Sheebah (L), Cindy (R)

Sheebah (L), Cindy (R)

Singer Cindy Sanyu has revealed the advantages of her music battle against fellow artiste Sheebah Kalungi.

The battle happened mid this year at Kololo airstrip and Ugandans were so much excited about it.

Cindy went to the battle saying she wants to prove that she is much better than Sheebah. She said she would like to teach the less talented a lesson.

She even at one point said it is about Business if it wasn’t that she wouldn’t be doing any music battle with anyone.

Sheebah nails Cindy over Federation achievements

Now that all the battles are done, Cindy is appreciating the battle. She said it has empowered women and this year is a year for Women.

Cindy said she has achieved so much on behalf of women. She doesn’t believe that it finally happened after so many years of trying to empower women.

“The musical battle between me and Sheebah was a milestone for women, and personally, I see myself as an inspiration for many women this year. It’s been a empowering year for women,” – Cindy Sanyu, Musician