Chris Evans Swallows Pride Performs With Rema Again Without Receiving Apology – WATCH VIDEO

February 22, 2020

Singer Chris Evans Kaweesi has swallowed pride and re-united with Rema without receiving public apology!

On Monday, Evans gave Rema 5-day ultimatum to apologise for humiliating him while performing their collabo song, ‘Linda’ at Hotel Africana on Valentines day and vowed not to sing with her again until his demands are met.

Rema with Chris Evans on stage at Hotel Africana

It should be remembered that Rema tried dragging Chris Evens off stage after mentioning Kenzo’s name and refused to sing, leaving Chris Evans embarrassed.

Rema hit back at the ultimatum and told Evans that she will not apologise.

To our surprise, Chris Evan last night appeared on the same stage with Rema at Joggies- Bulaga and performed their collabo song ‘Linda’ which swayed revelers off their feet.

Click on the link below to watch video Below: