Big Eye Succumbs To People Power Pressure, Begs Bobi Wine To Help Him Get Back On Stage

February 21, 2020

Ibrahim Mayanja popularly known as Big Eye has gone on his knees and pleaded with Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine to help him get back on stage and sing.

Big Eye who subscribes to NRM party decided to sit home and only performs at NRN functions after revelers made it a habit to pelt him with bottles every time he steps on stage.

As an artiste he earns through performances and now he can’t perform, reason; People Power fans accused him of attacking their supremo, Bobi Wine.

In order to survive, President Museveni gifted him 30 cows in form of cash but two months down the road, the ‘Indicator’ singer is crying that he has nothing to feed his family and wants Bobi Wine to Intervene.

Since this week began, Big Eye has been posting and recording videos as if possessed, asking people power fans why are they treating him harshly?

“Ebyadala mpulira enaku nyiiji kumutima okubeera nga sikyakola. My job totaly died. Lwaki famire zange zibonabona okutuuka wano??😭
Abagenda okuwoza nti nkaaba mwagala male kwabika mutima musanyuke? Nange ndi muntu banange. “People power why?”Stress is killing me.”

“Translated as For sure i feel sad that am no longer working, my job totally died, my family is suffering. Those accuse me of crying you want my heart to burst and you feel happy?, Am also a person. People Pwer why? stress is killing me”.

A sorrowful Big Eye also reminded Bobi Wine how he supported him during the Kyadondo East by-elections which the Ghetto Gladiator won and asked him to help him talk to People Power fans to let him work. Big Eye says he has no other job apart from singing.