Cephco Cries Like A Baby, Pleads With Well-Wishers To Help Him | VIDEO

July 8, 2023


TikToker, Ismael cephco aka Cephco last night cried like a baby during TikTok live broadcast admitting life has pushed him to the edge.

Cephco who made himself a name on TikTok by attacking celebrities, has been portraying himself as a person who earns a lot from TikTok and lives a good life.

However, last night, he disclosed to his followers that he is struggling to make the make the ends meet.

While chilling and sipping Waragi, Cephco pleaded with well-wishers to get him a job, revealing the he once went and asked Ham Kiggundu to give him a job for cleaning his shoes.

Cephco is not alone, many people in the limelight are suffering is silence. Netizens think celebrities are living a good life but the truth is, many are living fake lives.

Most social media celebrities survive on endorsements and with the government coming in to tax them, we believe they are going to struggle a lot more.