Carol Nantongo opens up about her crying after break-up with Lydia Jazmine

November 17, 2023

Singer Carol Nantongo has opened up about her crying for a whole week after break up with Lydia Jazmine.

Lydia Jazmine and Carol Nantongo have been best friends for some years but they recently bitterly separated.

It was after Eddy Kenzo started hanging out with Carol Nantongo yet it was said that he was dating Lydia Jazmine and she was the reason his marriage didn’t work.

Although Carol Nantongo hasnt said anything about Eddy Kenzo, she posted about her birthday saying she has cried the most this month.

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The singer said she doesn’t regret anything that happened but she has learnt the hard way in her life.

“Its My Birthday Today🎂🎂..Its so Unfortunate that I have cried the most in my birth month , I have learnt the Hardest way
Challenged by experience
I think all this was part of the journey
I was just so blind to define the process
Well I tried ,and am never regretting
Much love to my Family /Fans and lastly

God May ur will be done .17:11,” Carol Nantongo.

It should be noted that Carol Nantongo and Lydia Jazmine unfriended and unfollowed each other on different social media platforms.