Bryan White to have a grand return at Kololo grounds in May

March 6, 2023

HiKampala city tycoon Bryan White has announced that he will have a grand return at Kololo grounds come May this year 2023.

Bryan White made his way to fame in 2017 as a big spender. He used to give out money in bars, clubs and other happy places. He didn’t stop at that he also had charity organizations that he donated money and other equipments too.

But all that crumbled down in 2021 when he was accused of sexually assaulting ladies that used to work for and also forcing them to abort the pregnancies.

Although there wasn’t physical evidence, Bryan White was affected and his brand which made him to go to exile.

With all the accusations fading away, Bryan White is looking at coming back to where he was before and start spending money like he used to do.

According to Bryan White, he is returning a changed person and this time, he will be more focused in other districts besides Kampala that have people who are in need.

“I am not changing my mind about my coming back. I am going to come with no one has can fathom. I want Ugandans to be patient till May where my grand return shall be staged at Kololo grounds as earlier communicated. I will be going to districts outside Kampala to also help people their,” Bryan White said