Bruno K blames baby mama Vanessa for the public exposure of his DNA results

April 15, 2023

Singer Bruno Kigundu famously known as Bruno K has blamed his baby mama Vanessa for exposing their DNA results to the public.

The DNA results between Bruno K and the abondened son Seith Kigundu were posted on social media yesterday confirming that he is the real father.

After the results were posted, Bruno K also went to his social media platforms and showed how he is unhappy with being exposed.

He said his DNA results may be used by haters to frame him in anyway she before people posted them they didn’t think about his son who is still young.

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According to Bruno K, the blame goes to baby mama who was warned against revealing them to the public but she insisted.

Bruno K said he doesn’t understand her motive and why she is doing whatever she is doing.

“I don’t know why the mother of my son decided to exposed my DNA results to the public. The doctor told her the disadvantages when we were picking the results but she insisted on posting them. I don’t know her motive at the moment,” Bruno K said

Bruno K said he has been misinterpreted but he loves his son so much in that he has been doing everything a parent would like to do for their children.