Bobi Wine 1-0 SMACK: Brother Aganyira Deodati Quits St. Mary’s College – Kisubi

January 3, 2023
SMACK HM, Brother Deodati Aliganyira (L) and Bobi WIne (R)

SMACK HM, Brother Deodati Aliganyira (L) and Bobi WIne (R)

Bobi Wine and his followers are still enjoying roasted meat after Brother Aganyira Deodati quit St. Mary’s College – Kisubi (SMACK).

Bro. Deodati came to limelight in March 2022 after he suspended Bobi Wine’s son, Solomon Sekayi Kampala Nyanzi Kyagulanyi.

Solomon was suspended after the school warden accused him of smuggling weed into the dormitory.

During parents’ general meeting, Bobi Wine told parents that Bro. Deodati was making his son’s life hell and demanded answers as to why he was segregating him.

Bro. Deodati Aganyira

When he was invited to SMACK before Solomon’s suspension, Bobi Wine, his wife, Barbara Itungo, school’s lawyer, Headmaster and deputy sat in the meeting.

Solomon denied any knowledge about the weed and insisted he was being set up. He said the dormitory has cameras all over and challenged the school to produce footage.

Bobi Wine and Barbie paying a visit to Solomon at SMACK

The headmaster however, failed to produce footage and admitted that camera wires were cut a day before the search.

They agreed on a middle ground that Solomon be suspended since they had sent other students home over the same issue. Him staying would set a double standard.

Since then, pressure mounted on Bro. Deodati to quit as NUP sympathisers branded him a pro government.

On Tuesday, December 20, the board of governors sat, welcomed the new headteacher.

Brother Aganyira Deodati handed over and left SMACK. We are still investigating where he was posted.

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