Bebe Cool Lands Mega Music Gig In Nigeria

January 29, 2020

Gagamel Entertainment CEO, Bebe Cool continues to thrive and has landed mega gig to perform in Nigeria!

Bebe who recently celebrated 18th marriage anniversary with wife Zuena Kirema, will be performing in Nigeria this Friday at Guinness Night Football Pan African extravaganza.

He posted, “Nigeria, here I come. I hope you are ready for the Guinness Night Football Pan African extravaganza Programme in Nigeria at the end of this month.

The Guinness Night Football is a series of entertaining events played out in the dark and enhanced by colourful neon UV and lighting technology that makes the experience even more vibrant, immersive and memorable.

I will not only perform and light up the event, but I will also showcase my footballing skills by taking part in a five-a side soccer match and other soccer skills challenges.

I will also work with Guinness over the next couple of months so that we can take the Guinness Night Football experience to even more Ugandans.