Beaten Pallaso In Big Trouble, Risks Jail As Interpol Takes Over His Case

March 3, 2020

A week ago singer, Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso posted a video saying he was beaten in Xenophobia attacks in South Africa.

Pallaso had gone for a show and he is still in South Africa receiving treatment as he shoots his video.

However, others have since alleged that Pallaso was beaten over a South African woman who he tried to “steal” from a tycoon.

To find the truth about the matter, The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has intervened and currently pursuing the case which could expose Pallaso in case he lied about the attacks.

Pallaso in a South African hospital

According to the Interpol’s acting commissioner, Allison Agaba, the international police received a phone call from a friend of Pallaso who told them that the singer was in danger and urgently needed help.

“On the night of February 20, 2020, a friend to Pius Mayanja informed us that he (Pallaso) had been attacked in South Africa by unknown people who beat and stabbed him and that he required urgent medical attention and police intervention. We generated a message to our counterparts in Pretoria to run to his rescue,” Agaba revealed.
Allison Agaba is still waiting for a response from the South African bureau.
If police investigations reveal that Pallaso was only pulling a stunt to market the music video he was recording, he may only be able to watch it (video) after serving a jail sentence.
Artistes have used stunts to sell their music before and even if something unfortunate happens, Ugandans think it’s a stunt until proof comes out.