Bad Black has requested Alien Skin to kindly revenge on Pallaso

May 30, 2023

Reknown prostitute Bad Black has requested the upcoming arrogant singer Alien Skin to revenge on Pallaso.

This came after Pallaso beat him in front of cameras and left without getting any brawls from Alien Skin too.

That didn’t make Bad Black happy because Pallaso looked down on a whole ghetto youth like Alien Skin.

Alien Skin is known for his arrogant behavior especially towards the media but he also got someone who is much like him Pallaso that taught him a lesson.

According to Bad Black, Alien Skin wouldn’t have left without beating Pallaso too.


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And as his supporter, Bad Black asked Alien Skin to beat up Pallaso and break his legs and also make him rethink why they deported him with so many pimples on his face.

“Dear Alien Skin Official i beg You kindly revenge please 🙏 gyagala omwana yo ayina embalabe ezimulinga amayutte tegeza pallaso mukube omumenye amagulu oba omugyemu amaanyo man ki kuzalaye nyo nyo gather all ghetto please teach him a lesson to regret why he was deported with pimples,” Bad Black

It should be noted that the Mayanja brothers Pallaso, Weasel and Jose Chameleon are good at fighting.

They are also always in the media for such reasons.