Another war! Kaye Wisdom, Tamale Mirundi Jr tear each other on social media

October 31, 2023

There is a war going on social media between two best friends Tamale Mirundi Jr and Kaye Wisdom.

They are all going out exposing each other especially about the lies they have been telling the public in their works.

Tamale Mirundi Jr was the first to attack Kaye Wisdom saying when he bought a new car Subaru, he got jealousy.

He wanted his best friend to congratulate him and be happy for him but that never happened and like any other human bein he got angry.

But for Kaye Wisdom, he said he has nothing about Tamale Mirundi Jr. He didn’t get angry at all about anything or even get jealousy.

He said since Tamale Mirundi Jr has turned it into a verbal war, he is willing to bring th should e proof of his wealth and his friend also do so.

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Kaye Wisdo6aaaaaayyiuym ashamed Tamale Mirundi Jr daring him to bring out the documents of the car and show the world how much he bought it.

“I have no problem with Tamale Mirundi Jr. He is nothing to me and I don’t need anything from him. I am not jealousy of anything of him because he has nothing,” Kaye Wisdom said