Your not too talented to disrespect journalists – Tamale Mirundi Jr turns against Alien Skin

July 4, 2023

Social Media blogger Tamale Mirundi Jr is not happy with trending singer Alien Skin after he disrespected journalists.

This happened when Alien Skin was returning from London. Fans and journalists waited for him at the airport but he shun all the interviews.

He said everyone that wants his London story should be able to pay for it UGX5 Millions.

Tamale Mirundi Jr being one of the people that does the journalism work in his blogging, he wasn’t happy with Alien Skin.

He was supporting him before but he quickly turned against him saying he should learn to respect people especially those that he may need in the future.

According to Tamale Mirundi Jr, Alien Skin is not talented and his music is not even good. He is just where he is because of Pallaso’s slaps.

Junior reveal that Alien Skin’s career may end soon if he stays misbehaving because so many musicians have been their but quickly fell.

“I want to tell this Alien Skin guy that he is not very talented like he thinks. He shouldn’t be too comfortable to the extent of disrespecting journalists, he may need them soon than later. He is where he is because of Pallaso’s slaps, if it wasn’t that he would still be struggling with life,” Tamale Mirundi Jr said